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A family owned and run business with many decades of experience, we operate in a niche market for a discerning clientele who can understand and appreciate real craftsmanship.  Our studio operates outside the constraints of trends and fashion and has become renowned and synonymous with highest quality products, creativity and originality.

Our studio has established a reputation in Western Australia as a manufacturer of exquisite design, acquired after decades of hands-on manufacturing, thereby allowing an understanding of the principles of proportion, aesthetic balance of form and function.

We apply age-old artisan skills to select and premium materials.  Our pieces range from period to traditional to contemporary to modern to retro; creativity being limited only by imagination.



Entrance door in solid Jarrah designed and crafted by Dad twenty years ago. Photo taken today and door is still perfect, a testament to Dad's high quality skill and craftsmanship. ...

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G Mannino and Sons

Dad <3There is a true love of craft from this week's featured WAFMA member.

At G Mannino & Sons all stage of production, from design to final polishing, are executed in-house therefore ensuring full control of quality. Ancient skills are kept alive and traditional beauty is created. These pieces are destined to become family heirlooms.

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