Antique table restoration: A labour of friendship

A while ago, some good family friends came to us with a project that only our father, ‘il maestro’, could tackle.  They inherited a precious jarrah table, handed down from father to son for 5 generations, which was of great sentimental value to them.  The problem was that after 5 generations of use, the table was in need of some tender loving care and needed to be tackled by someone well-versed in age old furniture making skills.  Enter our father, Giuseppe Mannino, who is kept busy in his retirement with these ‘special’ projects that we give him.

After many weeks of careful, painstaking work, Giuseppe restored the table to its former glory.  As for what our family friends thought?  Quote, “We are very happy and grateful for the superb work that you did to our table.  The result exceeded what we had hoped for. You are now part of its history.”

A special project for some special people by a special craftsman.